Austin, TX Wedding Photographer :: New Orleans Destination Wedding

Back in March I photographed a beautiful wedding in New Orleans (well actually, Napoleonville) at the Madewood Plantation Home. Being the photographer for Evelyn and Todd's wedding was even more special for me because my daughter, Aly, was the maid of honor. It was a great little get-away for everyone.

Cool facts - this plantation house is the set for the new movie 'The Beguiled' and for part of Beyoncé's video 'Lemonade'.

Cool facts - this plantation house is the set for the new movie 'The Beguiled' and for part of Beyoncé's video 'Lemonade'.

They are one degree of separation from Beyoncé's butt!

They are one degree of separation from Beyoncé's butt!

The ceremony and reception were both very elegant and sophisticated, mixed in with some Prince (I was so stoked to hear the officiant start off with "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life"), 80's music, and a cardboard cutout of the Queen.


The details and decorations were beautiful and very touching. Most epic was Evelyn's dress. "My mother wore her mother's dress, which she bought in 1960. My mom painstakingly removed the Alencon lace and beading from the original dress, which was now starting to fall apart and show it's age, and then hand tacked it to my crepe chiffon dress. My mom designed, hand beaded and sewed, and altered my dress. I always wanted to use the lace from the old dress to make something new, and she far surpassed what I had envisioned before I ever got engaged. It was also FAR better made and more affordable than pretty much everything else I was looking at. Plus it was incredibly comfortable and had pockets where I put my grandfather's handkerchief."

Gorgeous cake by  Kats Cakes  and flowers by  Iris Floral .

Gorgeous cake by Kats Cakes and flowers by Iris Floral.

I could go on and on and on, raving about how beautiful and sweet and warm and happy and lovely everything was on this day, but I will stop and leave you with a few more photos instead. Congratulations Evelyn and Todd! May you live in a world of never-ending happiness. <3


top 10 venues for your smaller, non-traditional, totally austin wedding

So you’re getting married and you don’t want to break the bank with outrageous over-the-top plans. 

East Austin home wedding on New Year's Eve. Photo by Jessica Doffing Photography.

East Austin home wedding on New Year's Eve. Photo by Jessica Doffing Photography.

Maybe you’re a free spirit and traditional weddings are just so....traditional. Maybe this isn’t your first rodeo and you want to keep things simple this time. Maybe you’re a hopeless romantic and you want something personal and intimate. Regardless of your reason, you want something that stays true to the Austin way of life - beautiful, a little quirky, and uniquely Austin. Think food trucks, pedie-cabs, tattoos, bats, SUP, barbeque, craft get the idea.

I’ve gathered what I think are some of the best venues Austin has to offer for your perfect day. I based my choices on affordability, location, Austiny-ness (not a word , I know), and photographic potential. You want awesome photos, don’t you? (wink wink, contact my friend and fabulous photographer Martina Villarreal - Photos by Martina) Check out my list and let me know in the comments below if you have other great venue ideas.

1.    Lake Austin Riverboats

The Commodore's Pup - Lake Austin Riverboats

The Commodore's Pup - Lake Austin Riverboats

Just think, your first dance can be to “I’m On a Boat”! Seriously though, how about getting married on beautiful Lake Austin and partying the night away under the gorgeous sunset?  I love their saying…”when it comes to hosting parties in Austin, we’re somewhere between Willie Nelson and 6th Street”. They handle catering, bar service, linen service, and live music, and the scenery can not be beat. 


2.    The Daniel H. Caswell House 

This is a beautiful, elegant turn-of-the- century home that is recognized as a Texas Historic Landmark, located near the Texas State Capitol and the University of Texas. Rates are reasonable, you can choose your own vendors (but they offer a discount if you choose one of their preferred caterers), and you can use the house for bridal portraits free of charge if you rent the house for your wedding. 



Two of the most versatile event venues downtown. Sabine is an urban loft with an open floor plan and Sixth is a contemporary facility with indoor and outdoor space available. A little more on the traditional side but it's downtown so that makes it COOL! They can handle every aspect of your event or you can hire your own vendors and coordinate on your own.


4. The Chapel Dulcinea – THE FREE WEDDING CHAPEL 


“We dedicate it to couples who want their wedding day to be an intimate celebration (not a spectacle) because weddings shouldn’t have to cost a lot of money.” The views here are spectacular! Obviously they fill up quickly, so check the website for availability. They book in 2 ½ hour increments and have listings of nearby reception venues on their site, including The Canadian Diamond Pavilion, a 2-minute walk from the Chapel,  which is also available for no charge.






What could be more Austin-y? The Alamo Drafthouse is a unique venue for rehearsal dinners, receptions or the ceremony itself.  From a Princess Bride feast to a zombie wedding, they've done it all.  Work with their event planners to create a custom menu and ceremony or just celebrate with family and friends in a casual atmosphere.  


6.    Black Lagoon Art & Yoga 

Photos by Singer Mayberry

Photos by Singer Mayberry

Touted as a ‘unique and fun location’, their monthly art exhibits add a cool, artistic element to your event. They are located in Hyde Park, just minutes from downtown and have free parking. That’s a big-time plus, huh? They have tons of information about rentals on their site. 



Some need permits and some don’t, and they all have different regulations, but there are some beautiful locations within our Austin parks where you can tie the knot. The Zilker Clubhouse is perfect for small events with a stunning panoramic view of downtown. Mayfield Cottage is adorable and there are PEACOCKS!. Fiesta Gardens is also excellent for small, private events. Or choose one of the 33 picnic areas in 20 different parks. Contact the Office of Special Events at 512-974-6797.



Ok, let’s get weird again. Would you rather play skeeball instead of dance? Air hockey instead of a formal, sit-down dinner? The arcade isn’t just for kid parties. Unfortunately they don’t allow outside food except for your cake, but who has time to eat when you’re about to beat the high score on Pac-Man? They can accommodate parties of 20 -500 and did I mention they have over 100 pinball machines? 


9.    Waller Ballroom 

Waller Ballroom

Waller Ballroom

This is a multi-purpose event space settled nicely along Waller Creek in Downtown Austin, um….right on 6th Street…so the party could continue hardcore into the wee hours of the night. I would suggest booking hotel rooms in walking distance if you do. They are an unlicensed venue so you can work with them on logistics for bar operations, audio/visual packages, caterers, and various other items you may need.



10.  House on the Hill 

This place is a little more traditional, but a great place none-the-less. One of the coolest aspects IMHO is that because of their location, there is no requirement to turn music down or off early. Let the wobbling commence! You have the flexibility to set your own schedule, choose your own vendors, and stay within your budget. They can also accommodate 20 overnight guests for 2 nights. And don’t forget the waterfall and covered pavilion for those amazing portraits!

I hope this list helps you find the perfect place for your wedding, or at least gets the creative juices flowing. Add your favorite venues in the comments below and tell me about your big day plans. I want to hear all about it! :) Cheers Y'all!

New Year's Eve, Austin, TX - Coolest Wedding Ever at Casa JoLo

I feel so lucky to have been involved in Joel and Lori's wedding celebration. They are seriously the coolest people ever. I've never met anyone with so many true friends. The love exchanged between everyone at this wedding was truly inspiring. And that's saying a lot coming from me (the Grinch is my spirit animal ;). I am also deeply indebted to them for having faith in me, a newbie, to capture the important details of their day. I learned a lot today, but most importantly I learned that I really, really enjoy shooting a wedding. First off, I get to shoot, which is what I love to do. Second, I get to hang out at a party while I'm working. Sweet! And party they did! 

Everyone was so laid back and everything ran so smooth. The pre-wedding portraits were a piece of cake. Even the groomsmen eventually followed directions and looked at the camera. I did have to do a few headswaps on some of the group shots, but they'll never know ;) The ladies couldn't take a bad picture if they tried!


The ceremony was super sweet and touching. The bride and groom wrote their own vows and I think it was extra special that it was held on their own front porch.


Next we had more portraits, portraits, portraits and then off to the fun. Delicious grilled cheese, soups and salad from the Burro Cheese Kitchen and gourmet ice cream sandwiches made with fresh, warm cookies from Moojo (omg YUM). Gotta love those Austin food trucks! There was dancing, drinking, toasting, karaoke, and even a didgeridoo :) The night couldn't have gone better. 


Joel and Lori, I wish you two the best of everything in your lives. You two truly deserve it <3 I'm excited to see what's next for me. It's going to be hard to beat this one!!

Congratulations Hedda and chad <3

I had the pleasure of capturing the intimate marriage ceremony of this beautiful couple on Lake Austin this weekend. It was just them, me, and the judge and it was perfect <3 After the ceremony and some quick portraits I asked for one last "portrait", which was actually a short video so I could attempt to make them a cinemagraph.

Cinemagraphs are not as easy as I thought! This is my first, feeble attempt. It was pretty windy and there was a portion of the water that showed Hedda's dress blowing, so the water is not moving there because I had to mask it out. There's also some ghosting of the weed on the left. So technically not the best, but it's still fun :) I wanted to surprise them with it on Facebook but I can't get it to work without having to click on a link (boooooooo Facebook). But the idea of it is super cool and I can't wait to try some more!

Congratulations Hedda and Chad!! Best wishes to your beautiful family! <3

My First Wedding

I probably shouldn't be admitting that this is the first wedding I've shot, but I am. Everybody has to start somewhere and I am so thankful for Angel and John trusting me to capture the memories of their big day. I was mega-worried I would screw up somehow and I had to bring my son to assist me and help calm my nerves, but it all went without a hitch (except for them getting hitched! ba-dum-bum ;) and I really had a lot of fun. I would love to share the whole gallery here, but that would be way too many photos (468 to be exact), so I'll just pick a few that showcase the joy of the day.