New Year's Eve, Austin, TX - Coolest Wedding Ever at Casa JoLo

I feel so lucky to have been involved in Joel and Lori's wedding celebration. They are seriously the coolest people ever. I've never met anyone with so many true friends. The love exchanged between everyone at this wedding was truly inspiring. And that's saying a lot coming from me (the Grinch is my spirit animal ;). I am also deeply indebted to them for having faith in me, a newbie, to capture the important details of their day. I learned a lot today, but most importantly I learned that I really, really enjoy shooting a wedding. First off, I get to shoot, which is what I love to do. Second, I get to hang out at a party while I'm working. Sweet! And party they did! 

Everyone was so laid back and everything ran so smooth. The pre-wedding portraits were a piece of cake. Even the groomsmen eventually followed directions and looked at the camera. I did have to do a few headswaps on some of the group shots, but they'll never know ;) The ladies couldn't take a bad picture if they tried!


The ceremony was super sweet and touching. The bride and groom wrote their own vows and I think it was extra special that it was held on their own front porch.


Next we had more portraits, portraits, portraits and then off to the fun. Delicious grilled cheese, soups and salad from the Burro Cheese Kitchen and gourmet ice cream sandwiches made with fresh, warm cookies from Moojo (omg YUM). Gotta love those Austin food trucks! There was dancing, drinking, toasting, karaoke, and even a didgeridoo :) The night couldn't have gone better. 


Joel and Lori, I wish you two the best of everything in your lives. You two truly deserve it <3 I'm excited to see what's next for me. It's going to be hard to beat this one!!