Beckett's Exclamation Point❣️ || JDP Heart Warrior || Austin, TX Child Photography

Exclamation Point is a children's book with a charming story about a child explaining how he received the exclamation point-shaped scar in the middle of his chest when the doctors fixed his heart through surgery for his Congenital Heart Defect (CHD).  Exclamation Point on Amazon

Exclamation Point is a children's book with a charming story about a child explaining how he received the exclamation point-shaped scar in the middle of his chest when the doctors fixed his heart through surgery for his Congenital Heart Defect (CHD). Exclamation Point on Amazon

I met adorable Mr. Beckett and his family when he was 17 months old. His smile and his energy were truly infectious. We met at Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park on a hot, Austin morning. The light and the surroundings were perfect for this special family session.

Special thanks to Beckett’s parents for being so understanding when I was late for our session! 😘

Special thanks to Beckett’s parents for being so understanding when I was late for our session! 😘

Beckett’s Story (told by mom)

Beckett is our first baby and we had a pretty smooth pregnancy. Beckett was born at 37 weeks and 5 days. He was a healthy 7lbs 7oz boy and ready to meet the world. On the second day of Beckett's life the pediatrician that was rounding in the hospital gave Beckett his daily physical. He was listening pretty intently at his heart and at that moment we quickly learned that our beautiful boy had a heart murmur. Little did we know that those few minutes in time was going to lead us on a journey that we never even knew existed. The doctor immediately ordered an echocardiogram to examine and take pictures of his heart. Later that night the doctor personally called us to give us a heads up so that we wouldn't be blind sided the next day when the cardiologist would round with the results and details of Beckett's condition. The following morning, the day we were heading home with our baby boy, the cardiologist came into the room and presented us with devastating news. He told us that Beckett had a pretty large hole in his heart that would most likely need surgery within the first six months of his life due to the location of his hole. We were told that our main goal was to keep weight on him, feed him as much as possible, and watch for physical signs of heart failure (sweating, weight lost, tiring while feeding, etc...) He drew us diagrams and gave us the worse case scenario of Beckett's future. In that moment we held our boy tight and just sobbed. This was not the way the birth of our first child was supposed to go. We thought he was healthy? There was no way that my baby could undergo open heart surgery at his young age, let alone ever! We went home feeling defeated and scared. We decided to seek a second opinion at Texas Children's Hospital, rated number one in pediatric cardiology. At three months old he had a follow up appointment and we travelled to Houston for an appointment at Texas Children's. He checked out well and was not showing any signs of heart failure. He had healthy baby chub on his legs and was eating like a machine! We were told to return in four months for another follow up. At that second appointment we were expecting to hear that he was still doing well, but it was within minutes of our doctor walking in after his echo, that she told us he would need surgery within the next few months. We once again found ourselves shocked and devastated. Our worse nightmare was happening and we were in disbelief. We had hung on to hope all summer that he was going to fight this and not need surgery, but we were handed a different path.

After that October appointment, our case was presented to the board and we got accepted. We went in December to meet our surgeon and then we had a stressful few months of waiting to get our surgery date. We wanted the best surgeon we could get and with the location of his hole we needed the best. There was potential for Aortic Valve complications and because his VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect) was located next to his Aortic valve, the value was stretching out and needed to be repaired as well. Surgery meant he could not go to school for the months leading up to surgery. Surgery meant three months of recovery, which meant no school. Surgery meant my husband and I go on leave from work for 6 weeks to get through pre-op, surgery and post op. After heading to Houston for what we thought was going to be surgery week, we got bumped to a later date. We headed back to Austin and waited again for a call. We got a call a week later, packed it up, went back on leave from work and headed to Houston for surgery. Surgery lasted about 8 hours and we weren't sure of how complicated the repair would be until the surgeon got into his heart. The hole was repaired and so was his valve. That was the longest day and week of our life.

heart warrior baby boy austin texas

He just had his four month post surgery visit in July, and he couldn't be doing better! As he grows, so will his heart and we will hope and pray that he will not have to undergo a repair in the future, but only time will tell. What is most important now is that he got through his surgery like a true warrior and his heart is pumping and working like it should. He is now considered a child with a “normal heart.”

Beckett has taught us the indomitable will one can have to be a fighter. Beckett goes through life with a smile on his face every single day. Sometimes you don’t understand how you are put in situations in life, but one thing we do know is that the journey of a Heart Warrior is not one for the weary. A heart warrior is a courageous fighter that can literally overcome anything! Beckett has joined this amazing club of individuals and we are proud to call ours one amazing, life long Heart Warrior!

How has this affected your family?

This experience has made our family stronger and closer. We have learned that there is nothing that we can't go through together. There is always a constant question of why Beckett? Why does he have to go through this? We have had to accept that this is Beckett's story and him being a heart warrior is who he is. We always joke about how one day he might be a cardiologist! He has taught us what true strength is. When you think you are having a hard day all you have to do is look at Beckett’s smile and be reminded that his journey was not one he chose, but he got through open heart surgery with a smile on his face the entire time!

What advice would you like to give to families experiencing the same or similar circumstances?

Surround yourself with lots of support and love. Take one day at a time and allow yourself to feel whatever it is you want to feel, whether it be anger, sadness, confusion, frustration, etc..None of it will make sense and you will continue to ask yourself why every, single day. We quickly learned during surgery that these babies are called warriors for a reason. They are the strongest, most resilient people we have ever seen. Beckett's strength got us through the entire journey. Every time we thought we were in the clear another issue popped up and we constantly felt like we had a dark cloud over us, but when we would look at Beckett and saw his smile, we were immediately reassured by his strength that everything would be okay.

What advice would you like to give readers who know a family with a warrior/warrior princess baby? (What can they do to help? )

Our family and friends got us through this journey from all of their love and support. We were so blessed to have people donate to help us with medical bills and provide us meals during our stay at the hospital and in the ICU. If you know someone going through this, giving others contacts so that other mothers and fathers can connect is meaningful because you feel so isolated and alone. We quickly learned that we weren't alone and that this was way more common then we ever knew. We feel automatically connected to ANYONE with a warrior. It is a journey that no one else can understand but those that have been through it.

baby boy heart warrior austin texas

Is there anyone you would like to publicly thank?

There are so many people for us to thank who helped us get through this. It definitely takes a village. We would like to thank Dr. Tao who found Beckett's heart murmur when rounding in the hospital. We want to thank our amazing cardiologist Dr. Morris who has helped make the best decisions for our boy. Beckett's surgeon, Dr. Heinle and his team at Texas Children's truly saved our boy's life and did an amazing job of operating on him. We had the best ICU nurses that became our roommates and family for a week. Our family friend Kelly for being our guardian angel, watching over my family through this entire process from start to finish at Texas Children's. We also want to thank everyone (family, friends and strangers ) who donated to our Go Fund Me account to help take the financial burden off of Beckett's surgery. Bryce for sharing her heart warrior journey and being a person I could call on any time of day who truly understood how I as a momma was feeling. Beckett's school, Ladybird Montessori School, who put on an amazing fundraiser together for our family! Our family and closest friends who came to the hospital, provided meals and constant support. Last but not least we would like to our moms, Holly and Kathy for taking turns for months both pre-op and post op to watch Beckett while we went to work. We could not have gotten through this without them!

It was past Beckett’s nap time but his favorite ball and his favorite book kept those smiles coming! I just love his little face!! 😍

It was past Beckett’s nap time but his favorite ball and his favorite book kept those smiles coming! I just love his little face!! 😍

heart warrior baby reading Exclamation Point book

Mended Little Hearts provides patients and families of children with congenital heart disease many services that directly improve their quality of life. Donate to Mended Little Hearts below.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” - Pablo Picasso

If you know a family that has a child under one year old with a life-altering illness, birth defect, or injury, lives within 30 miles of downtown Austin, TX, and would treasure professional portraits of their precious baby and family, please nominate them by filling out this form.

Spaghetti Smash || Austin, TX Child Photography

Bon Appetit! Anaya’s One Year Spaghetti Smash

bon appetit spaghetti smash one year old

I’m pretty sure Anaya’s parents and I chose this theme back in January during her Tummy Time milestone session. I’ve waited a long 8 months for this fun cakesmash alternative. I can’t think of anything that would be messier than spaghetti for a photoshoot so I was super excited for this one.

I didn’t want the set to be too distracting so I just used a few Italian-inspired props and some colorful spaghetti ingredients. I found the cute little apron and chef’s hat on Etsy.

It’s impossible to predict how a one year old is going to act at her cake/spaghetti smash session. Some babies have stranger danger at this age; some have an aversion to new textures; some are leery of new environments; and the list goes on. We could have very well gone to the trouble to set this all up and Anaya could have nope’d right out of it. So I tried not to get my hopes up, but it was hard not to with this one. Luckily all of the stars aligned and Anaya came in happy and hungry and ready to party.

spaghetti smash austin texas

She started off being super dainty…only eating one string of spaghetti at a time, and trying her best not to get too messy. Once she discovered the meatballs and we put the bowl on the floor, she really started to dig in.

meatball spaghetti smash
austin texas spaghetti cake smash alternative

These next photos really crack me up. She was having so much fun! We all were really. 😁

spaghetti messy smash one year old

As soon as she started helicoptering the spaghetti and flinging the sauce around we figured she had made a big enough mess. Now it was time to get cleaned up.

austin texas baby photography spaghetti

My favorite tub photos are always the big splashes of water. 🛁💦Anaya only gave me 2 or 3 but they were big ones so I got what I wanted. We also got some more fierce expressions. Bravo!

austin texas baby cleanup

So now I have tacos, BBQ, and spaghetti smashes under my belt. What’s next? Hit me up if you have another messy food idea for a shoot.

If that wasn’t enough photos for you, here’s a fast-forward, behind-the-scenes video of the session. If you are reading this on your email you may need to click over to the site to see the video.

Fast forward behind-the-scenes of a one year old spaghetti smash photoshoot. (warning - lots of flashing in this video)

Happy Birthday, Anaya! Thank you for this awesome session! 😘

Babies in a Box? Babies in a Box! | Austin, TX Child Photography

How many times have you said,  ‘Why do we buy them toys when all they want to do is play in the box’?

babies box austin texas child photography

Well, my latest obsession is letting them do just that…play in a box…and get adorable photos along the way and then put them together in an epic collage. These are so much fun to shoot and to edit! And the kids think it’s the coolest thing ever. I love all of the expressions we capture, really showing off their little personalities.

These sessions are a little tricky to shoot. I need to set up my tripod (which I hate using!!) and make sure it’s centered properly, which is damn near impossible to do…at least for me. I’m pretty sure I am permanently crooked. 🙄But once that’s all set up it’s good to go for the rest of the session. Then we just stick the baby in the box and let them do their thing! The photographing part goes by pretty quickly. You’d be surprised how many shots you can get in just a few minutes. And shooting a lot so quickly insures we capture the most variety in adorable expressions!


The hard part is the editing. I think I make it extra hard because of my crookedness. 🤦‍♀️ I usually have to edit each picture to warp into a perfect square on top of the regular editing that needs to be done to each photo. Then it’s time to put the collage together. It takes a lot of time and patience to edit, especially with the images where things are outside of the box (legs, tiny fingers, balloons, whatever.).

Using perspective warp in Photoshop to fix my wonkiness.

Using perspective warp in Photoshop to fix my wonkiness.

One of the fun parts is choosing which images to use and where to place them in the collage. What are they doing; where are they looking, what’s hanging out of the box, etc. I tend to have to rearrange them a few times along the way until I get the overall look and balance that I want. But it’s fun to use those creative juices. 


I love the authenticity of playing in an actual cardboard box, because we all know every kid LOVES to do that. But I also love the clean crispness of the all white box. I have an even bigger box being built so that I can fit grown-ups in it. Tell me THAT’S not going to be fun! 😆

Because these sessions are so time-consuming for me (the editing, not the actual session) I have only opened up a limited number of In the Box sessions for September 15th. I want to do a small number so I don’t overwhelm myself, especially with the busy fall/holiday season coming up. Hopefully I’ll be able to streamline my editing system during this process too. If you are reading this before September 15th you can find more information and sign up HERE.

These collages are perfect for milestone sessions, birthdays, holidays, or any other special occasion. Or just because your kids are the cutest kids ever and you want to stick them in a box! 😂

two year old in the box collage

I’m still trying to come up with a more creative and fun name for this type of session. My husband thought of ‘Box of Tots’ or ‘Tots in a Box’ which is pretty freakin’ cute. But let me know if you have any other ideas. I’d love to hear them!!

Fast foward behind-the-scenes of a Baby in a Box session. Sorry for the wonky, slanted video! The camera got bumped and I didn't realize it. :/

Jessica Doffing Photography Promo Video || Austin, TX Newborn Photography

🎵Well we’re moving on up! 🎵 I took the leap and had a professional videographer capture the behind-the-scenes of one of my newborn sessions. I love how it turned out! It has already debuted on my Facebook page and now I just need to figure out where it will live on my website. I want it on the main page but I don’t have the energy to mess with the design right now. So for now it’ll just get it’s own blog post. 😊

Scroll down to view the full video. No wait! Read the post along the way!! 😬

newborn girl blue flowers

Preparing for a video is not an easy task. First, I had to get over my aversion to being on the other side of the camera. Definitely NOT my jam. 😆Next, I had to find a videographer that would be flexible with my schedule. I wanted a newborn that was within 2 weeks old and we all know they don’t always follow the rules when it’s time to be born. So I had a tentative date set but needed someone that would change the date if we needed to. I contacted several local videographers and ended up really clicking with Travis Ward of Another Meadow Productions. He was flexible, super responsive, and very easy to work with. And then most importantly I needed a beautiful family that were willing to be the stars of the show!

newborn family portraits

Maribel and Sam were previous clients of mine. I photographed big sister, Camila, when she was a newborn. When Maribel contacted me to set up a session for their new baby I knew I wanted to have them for my video. One look at them and you’ll know why. They are both HOT and make beautiful babies. 😍 And I’m so lucky they said yes!

So the day of the shoot arrived and everyone was ready to go. Everyone except baby Alina. She wanted nothing to do with it. 😂Travis got a lot of detail shots of the studio and of me setting up for different poses and big sister Camila was super happy and cooperative (not very common for a 19 month old!), but little sister just wouldn’t settle into the deep sleep we needed her in. We were able to get a few good shots, but not enough for the video. I wish I had taken photos of everything else that was going on … toys all over the place, a big Chik Fil A picnic in the middle of the room, mom nursing Alina, Dad playing with Camila, and all the while Travis is looking like 😳”is this how it always is?” 😆Well, it can get a little crazy behind-the-scenes, but this was a little extra crazy. After 4 hours we gave in and decided to call it a day and agreed to try again the following week.

newborn and big sister

The next week everyone came back with a solid plan to get what we needed. Alina was a bit more cooperative and finally fell asleep and gave me the shots I was hoping for. It took another 3 hours, but we did it. Whew!

Side note - Do you ever find continuity mistakes in movies? I always get a kick out of it when I do. It’s pretty hard to get everything exactly the same as it was a week ago (outfits, prop setup etc), but I’m pretty sure we did it!

newborn girl austin texas photography

Next it was time for Travis to work his magic and put the video together. Originally I thought I wanted 30-45 seconds but it ended up being almost two minutes. Even with little 1-2 second clips, it’s hard to squeeze in a full session into under 1 minute. I hope I didn’t drive him too nuts with all of my edits. If I did, he didn’t show it. 😬

In the end I am super excited about the video! I hope you enjoy watching it. If you are thinking about booking a session with me, this will give you a glimpse into the studio and a good feel for how your session will go.

Thank you again to the Qassom family for being so patient and accommodating and awesome! And thank you, Travis, with Another Meadow Productions, for your amazing work!

Check it out!!

Behind the scenes video of a newborn session with Jessica Doffing Photography, LLC in Austin, TX.

Baby Lizbeth || Heart Warrior Princess || Austin, TX Photography

Meet Lizbeth, JDP’s August Warrior Princess. 😍

baby milestone heart warrior

Lizbeth’s Story (told by mom)…

Lizbeth De La Cruz was born on September 25, 2018 when I was 31 weeks 6 days. She weighed 4 pounds 13 ounces and was 18in long. They immediately took her away to the NICU where she spent 47 days. They were some of the hardest days. She would take one step forward and then two steps back. I was so emotional seeing my first born working so hard every day to accomplish a milestone. It was even harder walking into the hospital and seeing parents leave with their babies and knowing that I didn’t know when I was going to be able to take her home. The day I was able to bring her home was one of the happiest days! I had been waiting for her to come home for the longest time. When she was home a month later she started with a cough. We took her to her pediatrician and nothing was wrong so she referred her to a pulmonologist. Her pulmonologist sent her to get a swallow study done which helped us find out she was aspirating. Lizbeth has to do occupational therapy twice a week. We also have to thicken her liquids with gel mix and I had to stop breast feeding because of her aspirating. She also needs physical therapy because she does have some area where she needs help. When we were in the NICU they did an echo of her heart and realized she has a Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA). This is an opening in the heart that normally closes a few days after birth, but sometimes it doesn’t, especially in premature babies. They sent her home on lazis and we had to follow up with her cardiologist in 2 months.

heart warrior hospital photos

When that appointment came they realized she had another little hole called Atrial Septal Defect (ASD). Dr Johnson also said her PDA wasn’t closing so they recommend for her to get a heart catheterization done. He referred her to Dr. Holt to preform the procedure which was scheduled for May 16, 2019. We went that day of her procedure super nervous and scared. Thankfully everything went ok. The next day she got a chest x-ray where they realized the occlusion device had moved into the right pulmonary artery. They started getting her ready again to go to the cath lab to get it removed. They took her into the cath lab at around 12pm and about 3pm Dr. Johnson and Dr. Beckerman came in and explained that the best option was for her to get open heart surgery and close both her PDA and her ASD. They went back and got her ready for her open heart surgery and I didn’t get to see my baby again till about 9:30pm. It was one of the hardest days of my life to see my first born like that. Thank God everything went well and she was discharged on May 26, 2019. She has been such a warrier and she keeps working hard with her therapist to keep trying to get to where she’s supposed to be.

heart warrior princess 10 months old

How has this affected your family?

We have gotten closer. We’ve realized how lucky we are to have each other. We have all grown and learned a lot. Not only us as her parents, but her grandparents and uncles and other close family members.

What advice would you like to give to families experiencing the same or similar circumstances?

God works miracles. We are so lucky to be able to have all these doctors that can help our babies whether it’s in the NICU or a hospital stay. We are stronger than we think we are. Our babies are stronger that we could ever imagine. Don’t rush your babies while in the NICU. Before you know it they will be home.

What advice would you like to give readers who know a family with a warrior/warrior princess baby? (What can they do to help? )

Be respectful of parents wishes. Don’t take anything personal whatever they decide to do is for their children’s good.

baby heart warrior photography

Would you like to thank anyone in particular?

I am honestly so thankful with all of my family for always been so supportive. I couldn’t be more thankful for all of the doctors and therapists that have been such a big part of her life and are helping her get better everyday.

What foundations were helpful to you that you would like to raise awareness for?

heart warrior baby girl and mom

Baby Lionel || Austin, TX Newborn Photographer

This squishy little guy was perfect for his newborn session. He slept like a dream, nailed every pose, and even gave me a little smile. He couldn’t look any cuter in these little pants and suspenders from Lovely Baby Photo Props.

Austin Texas Newborn Photographer

Here he is all bundled up in a precious handmade knit wrap and bonnet by PaturiciPentruPitici. I usually swaddle babies at the beginning of the session to help them get warm and cozy and fall asleep. This was a great time to get those close up detail shots of all his precious little features.

Newborn photography Austin TX

Lionel’s parent had a special request to honor Lionel’s older brother. 💙

newborn remembrance brother

Thank you, Baby Lionel, for being so sweet to me!

🍋Lemonade Stand Mini Sessions 🍋 || Austin, TX Photography

When Life Gives You Lemons… 🍋🍋🍋

The Lemonade Stand Mini Sessions last week were a big hit! All of my parents did an awesome job coordinating outfits to go with the set. Seriously, I was really impressed and excited about that. And all of the kiddos were in fabulous moods and super smiley and happy! Woohoo! Mini sessions are just quick 10-15 minutes long so if we have a baby that needs a lot of time to warm up to the idea, sometimes it just won’t work. But these went off without a hitch!

austin texas child mini session
austin texas baby mini session fruit bath
austin texas baby lemon mini session
baby lemon strawberry fruit bath
lemonade stand mini photography session
lemon fruit bath baby austin texas
boys lemonade stand photography austin texas

I asked each mom if they were evil (like me) and wanted to give their baby a lemon to taste and they all said yes. I was a little disappointed by everyone’s reactions though. Everybody loved them! I got a couple of sour faces but then they all just went back for more. 😝

austin texas baby lemon lemonade
baby fruit bath austin texas photography

Thank you everyone that came in for these fun sessions. I have a few more that I’m working on for the next 2 months and then it’s CRAZY TIME. 🤪 I mean CHRISTMAS TIME! 🎄😆



My Colorado Wildflower Photography Tour

I’m back and somewhat rested from my trip to the San Juan Mountains in Colorado last week. I went on a photography tour with Jeff Parker/Explore in Focus™️ . It was quite a whirlwind trip but we packed in as much exploring as we could. Getting up before dawn is not really my cup of tea, but I sucked it up and did it, and I’m so glad I did. This is going to be a photo-heavy blog post, so prepare yourself for lots of pretty pictures!

We stayed in Silverton, Colorado, a secluded little town just 9,318 ft high. There is a lot of interesting history in this town. I stayed at the Grand Imperial Hotel and although I ran into a ghost tour as I was checking in, I didn’t get visited by anyone at night. Whew.

We started off bright and early Tuesday morning to try to catch sunrise. There were a bit too many clouds but it was still breath-taking. Like ‘literally’ breath taking. 😆 I had no idea breathing could be so difficult at high altitudes! Also, because there was so much snowfall this year and a large amount hasn’t melted yet, we couldn’t go to the originally planned locations and the wildflowers were a little sparse.

Taken from Eureka Gulch.

Taken from Eureka Gulch.

I really enjoyed the afternoon trip to Anvil Mountain. Again, we couldn’t get all the way to the original destination because the snow was blocking the road, but where we did stop was beautiful.

wildflowers in colorado
Adorable little chipmunks were one of the main attractions.

Adorable little chipmunks were one of the main attractions.

One of my favorite shots. I just love the colors!

One of my favorite shots. I just love the colors!

‘Let me introduce you to my little friend.’

‘Let me introduce you to my little friend.’

First time playing with my crystal ball.

First time playing with my crystal ball.

Wednesday morning we were up again before the sun. The original plan was to get to Clear Lake but again, snow was blocking our road. And again, the clouds were just a little too thick for anything spectacular. And it was extra chilly this morning, but still gorgeous.

mountain sunrise colorado
purple wildflowers and mountains
mountains in the morning

Once the sun came up we traveled down the mountain a bit and stopped at a really pretty location where I got to play with light and my macro lens.

macro wildflowers colorado
I love getting starbursts from the sun peaking behind trees. ✨

I love getting starbursts from the sun peaking behind trees. ✨

Later Wednesday afternoon we drove to Ouray, CO only to get rained out for the night. We ate some ice cream and drank some beers (I know, gross combination but oh well 😬) while we waited for the storm to pass, but we ended up going back to Silverton for a great dinner and lots of laughs and a few more beers. 🍻

Thursday morning we got to sleep in a little bit, but we woke up to beautiful sunshine. We headed back to Ouray for a full day of shooting. First stop was Gray Copper Gulch.

gray copper gulch colorado
More fun with my crystal ball.

More fun with my crystal ball.

colorado wildflowers gray copper gulch

We stopped at California Pass to get a view of Como Lake. The color of the lake was beautiful!

Como Lake from California Pass
View from the opposite direction on California Pass.

View from the opposite direction on California Pass.

Next we stopped at Animas Forks, a little mining ghost town in the middle of the San Juan Mountains. The history of this area was really interesting!

Animas Forks Ghost Town

Animas Forks Ghost Town

Everyone knows not to eat yellow snow, right? Well, apparently you shouldn’t eat pink snow either. This is called ‘Watermelon Snow’ because it smells like watermelon (confirmed), but it’s caused by algae (the same algae that causes the ‘Red Tide’ in the Pacific Ocean) so you definitely do not want to taste it.

Watermelon Snowball

Watermelon Snowball

As we headed back down the mountain we stopped a few more times for some more gorgeous nature.

All of these trees are dead from draught and beetle infestation. 😢

All of these trees are dead from draught and beetle infestation. 😢

colorado mountains
Pretty Columbine flower.

Pretty Columbine flower.

I hope you enjoyed looking at all of the pretty photos. These are just a small portion of everything I took all week, but it’s going to take me a long time to go through them all. If you enjoy hiking, trail-riding, ghost-hunting, or cool weather, I highly suggest a trip to Silverton, CO. Now it’s time to start planning my next trip. Where should I go?

Baby Maya || Heart Warrior Princess || Austin, TX Photography

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” - Pablo Picasso

If you know a family that has a child under one year old with a life-altering illness, birth defect, or injury, lives within 30 miles of downtown Austin, TX, and would treasure professional portraits of their precious baby and family, please nominate them by filling out this form.

Baby Maya the Heart Warrior Princess

Baby Maya is July’s spokesmodel for the JDP Warrior Portrait program. Like my previous little warriors, Maya is a Heart Warrior Princess. After months of rescheduling we were finally able to hold the session at Maya’s home. So now it’s time to shine the spotlight on this little cutie and hear about her journey so far.

NICU graduate

Maya’s Story (by Maya’s Mom)

Before Maya was born I had three other near perfect pregnancies and deliveries. When my fourth came about, I naively expected the same. The pregnancy was the hardest pregnancy I had, and the sickest. When I went in for my twenty week scan I noticed it was taking a very long time, and I was being asked so many questions. Before I knew it I was seeing a specialist each week due to multiple heart defects being seen. It would later be a huge surprise just exactly what kind they were outside the womb. With each ultrasound she gained a few grams, but there was no real adequate growth. She was what is called an IUGR Baby which stands for Intrauterine growth restriction . I was then told that induction was likely and a possible NICU stay. August 2018 came, and It was time for my induction. There seemed to be little progression, and after some time her status became unclear. An emergency c-section was then deemed necessary. I don't remember the majority of her delivery other than wishing my husband was there, that someone was there. While he stepped out to give our other children a break from the hospital room, his wife and baby were being put in an operating room. After a lot of pulling and tugging, Maya entered the world! I was able to give her a kiss on the forehead and then she vanished, and was off getting care.

NICU baby and family

I ended up having a placenta abruption during her delivery, and needed a blood transfusion. She had a lot of blood in her lungs due to this. At sometime during the transfusion I began to feel my throat close up, and the rest is unclear. None of this mattered because she was okay, we were okay. At some point I woke up to my little family, and would be able to meet my new baby in the NICU. Day after day passed and it just was not clear as to what my baby needed. All we knew is that she had a respiration rate of 90-100+, but yet she was always at ease or "comfortably tachypneic (to breath fast)". A normal rate would of been 30-60 . One day our neonatologist came in to talk with us, he found out the answer. She had been diagnosed with several conditions including an ASD (Atrial Septal Defect), and Scimitar Syndrome also called Pulmonary Venolobar Syndrome or Hypogenetic Lung Syndrome. Scimitar is very rare and can present itself in different ways. There are many elements to it: dextrocardia (the heart is shifted to the right side), pulmonary hypertension, and PAPVR (partial anomalous pulmonary venous return). Maya has a hypoplastic or sequestered right lung which means it's underdeveloped and not receiving blood normally. Maya would spend exactly one month in the NICU at St David' s North, and then be transported to Dell Children's NICU to continue the care that they were more equipped to handle. She left St David's on the day she turned one month old. She was placed in the PICU so that she could get her first heart catheterization. While she stayed in the NICU she received surgery for a gastrostomy tube to help with her feeding difficulties. This is has been a lifesaver literally and figuratively.

NICU baby and siblings

She currently works with speech therapy and physical therapy to help her get stronger and back on track as far as development and learning to feed orally. After leaving the NICU, she'd return to Dell on several occasions due to respiratory infections. She'd receive another heart catheterization as well. Fast forward to today, she is doing great. Even though we know heart surgery is in the future at some point; we are just cherishing the fact that she is home and is her version of healthy.

NICU graduate

How has this affected your family?

We are just trying our best to adapt to our new normal: making appointments, giving meds, handling oxygen, caring for her feeding tube etc. It's amazing how quickly you adjust! Caleb and I have been married for 10 years in May. We thought we had gone through trying times before, but nothing would ever compare to this or even prepare us for this. I am in awe of his strength daily and that of our other children. We often feel alone as we don't have any family and friends nearby. Even so, I think we still do a pretty good job!

What advice would you like to give to families experience the same or similar circumstances?

Being that Maya's condition is very rare, if someone is going through similar get as much information as you can via books, medical journals, online searches, social media groups etc. I am still trying to understand her condition, and that's okay. This is not my field, and medicine may not be your field! Never feel bad about getting a second opinion. Also, advocate like nobody's business. You know your child better than anyone else. It may seem intimidating to do at times, but you are still mom and/or dad.

What advice would you like to give readers who know a family with a warrior/warrior princess baby? (What can they do to help? )

Just be there in anyway possible. Showing up for someone in some way is the best way to alleviate stress. If I had someone that could of been there or could be here when things get rough it'd make a world of difference. Offer the family meals, babysitting for siblings, or even just support and encouragement.

Maya has a big brother and two big sisters that love her to pieces!

Maya has a big brother and two big sisters that love her to pieces!

Maya wasn’t too thrilled about the photoshoot so we had to cut it a little short. ❤️

Maya wasn’t too thrilled about the photoshoot so we had to cut it a little short. ❤️

It's almost impossible to show enough gratification for someone that has helped your child live. Yet I would like to attempt to: Thank you to St David's, Texas Childrens- Austin, and Dell Childrens! Thank you so much Dr. Su, Dr. Stokes, Dr Holt, Dr. Stromberg, Dr Meyer, Dr. McCoy, Dr. Adusumalli, Dr A. Garcia, Dr. Hodges, Dr Liu, NP Murray. Nurses : Danielle, Haley, Joe, Melody, Seth, Roxy, Lourdes. To therapists Kaitlyn and Molly. A huge thanks to the team at Dell's comprehensive care clinic in general! The 7 months that she has been on this Earth have been one giant blur, so I have obviously forgotten a lot of very notable names , but I just know that they will always be in my heart and have had a huge part in Maya's Journey and successes thus far.

Never forget that a warrior child of any kind is still a child. All children are worthy of love and celebration just like our Maya.

Help families like Maya’s by donating to Ronald McDonald House Charities.


“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” - Pablo Picasso

If you know a family that has a child under one year old with a life-altering illness, birth defect, or injury, lives within 30 miles of downtown Austin, TX, and would treasure professional portraits of their precious baby and family, please nominate them by filling out this form.

Baby Yasmine || Petite Studio Newborn Session || Austin, TX

newborn girl in bucket pose

Sometimes blog posts are just about showing off a beautiful baby, right? It’s hard to come up with stuff to write about every week but I have to do it so Google will be nice to me. 😝

Baby Yasmine was a perfect doll for her Petite Newborn Session. She looks so cozy in this set! 💗Pink wrap, bonnet, layer, and headband from The Golden Stitch Prop Shoppe.

newborn girl wrapped in pink

Another one of my favorite vendors, Lovely Baby Photo Props, stunned me again with this GORGEOUS 2-piece romper, bonnet, and matching pillow. And baby Yasmine modeled it perfectly! 💙

newborn girl in blue dress and bonnet

Somebody pinch me! I can’t believe this is my JOB! 😍

Valentina - The Fierce and Fiesty Princess || Austin, TX Child Photography

A couple of months ago another photographer had a session with young girls dressed up like princesses but with their sports uniforms as well. It was amazing and rightfully went viral. When Valentina’s mom contacted me interested in doing a similar session I couldn’t say yes fast enough. I finally got my chance to showcase a fierce little princess….Miss Valentina.

4 year old princess

Mom brought her with this beautiful princess dress and crown and Valentina could not stop smiling from ear to ear.

pink princess photo shoot

After getting some of the giggles out it was time to get FIERCE and bring out the soccer gear. Do you know what’s harder than trying to get a cranky baby to smile? Trying to get a happy 4 year old to NOT smile. 😆

princess athlete pink soccer girl

After the princess/athlete shoot it was time to bring out the ✨GLITTER!✨I am not ashamed to admit that I love glitter and this part of the session was my idea. I’ve done glitter sessions before but not on this scale.

glitter photoshoot

I knew that I was supposed to buy the chunky glitter so it wouldn’t be as much of a mess to clean up, but then the pics wouldn’t have been as epic. So I went with fine and chunky. Oh my. 😬We did our best to keep it on the backdrop paper but that stuff is magical and goes everywhere!

gold glitter shower
gold glitter photo shoot pink princess

Yes, it’s been a month and there is still glitter throughout the studio. Like tiny little pieces of pixiedust sparkling everywhere. The vacuum doesn’t seem to pick it up…it just transfers it from one spot to another. (NOT appropriate for a cute kid post but you know what that say about glitter being the herpes of the craft world? It’s no joke!!! 😂) But that’s not stopping me from planning glitter mini sessions for the fall. 😬

glitter toes

Thank you, Valentina, for being the perfect little fierce princess! ⚽️👸🏻I hope mom has gotten all of the glitter out of your hair by now. ✨ 😆✨

If you are interested in signing up for a glitter session make sure you are on my VIP list so you’ll get first dibs!

Themed Cake Smash Sessions || Austin, TX Baby Photographer

Cake smash sessions are my JAM! It took me awhile to get on the bandwagon but once I found Baby Dream Backdrops there was no turning back. Now I’m borderline obsessed with these super themed sessions.

These backdrops are very high quality fleece fabric so they are easy to store, don’t take up a lot of room, and are pretty much wrinkle-free. They have just about any theme you could imagine and are constantly adding new drops. The best thing about them is how life-like they are when photographed. With the majority of the props being on the actual drop, I only need to add a few extra props to blend the foreground into the background and VOILA! Beautiful, elaborate sets.

Don’t get me wrong…I do love the simple, minimalistic cakesmashes too. I’ll save those for another post. But if you want a specific theme, check out some of my recent smashes for some ideas. WARNING - this post is seriously photo heavy! Don’t scroll too fast or you’ll miss some epic cuteness! And make sure to scroll to the end for a special offer!

toy story cake smash
moana cake smash
woodland creatures cake smash
harry potter cake smash
candy store cake smash
farm tractor cake smash
top gun cake smash
world traveler cake smash
cookie monster cake smash
winter wonderland cake smash
taco smash
girl wild one cake smash
superhero cake smash
ice cream cake smash
grandma's porch cake smash

Did you make it this far? I told you it was photo-heavy. 😂 Which one was your favorite? Do you have another theme in mind for your baby’s cake smash session? Let’s start planning and make your (Baby)dreams come true!

As a thank you for reading my blog all the way to the end, I’m offering a $50 discount off for the first session booked for each of the following themes.

random backdrops

Baby Lawson || Austin, TX Newborn Photography

I honestly can’t imagine loving my job more than I do. Baby Lawson and his family were so fun to work with.

newborn family portraits

Working with siblings that are toddlers is always hit or miss. Big sister Charlotte is only 2 1/2 but she was amazing at following directions. And the way she loved on her little brother was OMG soooo beyond cute! ❤️

newborn boy toddler girl sibling

How cool is it that I had a cream and gray outfit for him that perfectly matched the dress big Sis came in? I love when everything falls into place so easily.

newborn boy Austin Texas photography

He was such a good sleeper and allowed us to get a nice variety of poses and props for his gallery.

newborn boy Austin Texas newborn portrait studio
Lawson’s perfect little parts make an adorable collage.

How did I get so lucky to be able to do this every day? I don’t know but let’s keep it going….everybody keep making more babies! 😝

Baby Cohen || Austin, TX Newborn Photography

newborn in bucket

Baby Cohen was another dream baby that slept straight through his session. I haven’t had too many of those lately so it’s reassuring to go back over galleries and remember the ones that went super smooth. 🤪

I love chubby little baby butts and the little back rolls. Cohen also had a lot of different expressions which were all equally adorable.


You know it’s a good session when you get 2 outfits on the beanbag (and NOT because poop or pee happened!) 😂

newborn boy in bed prop

He was such a little snuggle-bug! Looking at these makes me want to take a nap and snuggle with my puppy too! 😍

Baby Mercy || Austin, TX Newborn Photography

Baby Mercy is what I like to call a baby unicorn. A magical, mystical beast disguised as a beautiful newborn baby that is perfect in every way. Coming from a photographer that means a super sleepy, squishy, posable baby that sleeps straight through her session. And hits every pose like a pro.

Gorgeous in every color combo but this yellow is to-die-for! 💛💜

Gorgeous in every color combo but this yellow is to-die-for! 💛💜

Now don’t get me wrong…I love every baby I meet. Even the grumpy and fussy babies. When they come in that just means I get more snuggling time! I could think of way worse issues to have for a job, kwim?

She really perfected every pose I put her in!

She really perfected every pose I put her in!

This was a Petite Newborn session which takes no more than 2 hours. If the baby is hungry or gassy or just fussy, we may end up with more wrapped/swaddled poses in order to fill up the gallery with images. But with a unicorn baby we can knock out so much variety in a short period of time.

Fussy babies sometimes need to be swaddled more for their photos but these rare little unicorns get to show off with just a loose wrap. 🦄

Fussy babies sometimes need to be swaddled more for their photos but these rare little unicorns get to show off with just a loose wrap. 🦄

Those beautiful curls! Moms never want to cover baby’s curls with a bonnet but sometimes I beg (just a little) to get in a shot or two because COME ON! It’s freakin’ adorable!!! 😍

Those beautiful curls! Moms never want to cover baby’s curls with a bonnet but sometimes I beg (just a little) to get in a shot or two because COME ON! It’s freakin’ adorable!!! 😍

At the end of the session I was cooing and telling her how awesome she was and I got this big smile! 😍

At the end of the session I was cooing and telling her how awesome she was and I got this big smile! 😍

Then I immediately got the ‘ok, we’re done here’ look. 😂

Then I immediately got the ‘ok, we’re done here’ look. 😂

These babies are very, very rare, so don’t get discouraged if your baby isn’t a unicorn for her session. It’s really shocking to me when I meet one! I do a happy dance after every newborn session (no really, I do. I love them so much!) But I do an extra little jig when I get a unicorn!

Prop Shout - Out

Yellow wrap, bonnet and blanket - Peach Stitch

White romper with flowers on back - Lovely Baby Photo Props

Pink knit romper and bonnet - Paturici Pentru Pitici

Baby Madden || Austin, TX Newborn Photography

baby boy rainbow baby

This little peanut rocked his newborn session. He was a pro poser! We moved so smoothly from one prop to the next and through all of the beanbag poses and I didn’t want to give him back to mom. 😂

I love you to the moon and back! 🌙✨

I love you to the moon and back! 🌙✨

newborn photography Austin Texas
newborn beanbag poses Austin Texas

Madden’s family are big baseball fans. Look how tiny he is in dad’s glove! 💙

newborn boy in baseball glove

I had a record run of 13 baby boys in a row. (I wonder what was in the water 9 months ago? 😝) Fingers crossed Baby Madden starts another record run of super sleepy babies!

My Love/Hate Relationship with Bluebonnet Season || Austin, TX Photography

baby sticking out tongue bluebonnets

I LOVE wildflowers. Especially bluish-purple ones. And I love when winter is over (even though it’s really not that bad here in Austin). So this means I also love bluebonnets. I think if I said I didn’t love them I’d get kicked out of Texas. 😂 What I don’t love are family mini sessions. I DO love my clients and I DO love taking their family portraits for them, but it’s the hassle of scheduling the dang sessions and then getting rained out and having to reschedule, sometimes more than once, that I could definitely do without.

This year I announced ‘Spring Family Sessions’ in February and noted that I did not guarantee there would be bluebonnets because we were booking so far in advance. My sessions sold out pretty quickly even with this disclaimer. As we got closer to the dates I realized the bluebonnets would be at their peak during my session dates, so there was no way I wasn’t going to use them. So I scouted for the perfect locations (great flowers, great lighting, not crowded, easy access). Then I started to get excited for the sessions.

Then, rain. 🌧

And more rain. Lots of rain. Lots of rain but the kind of rain that just might stop but maybe won’t so don’t change your plans just yet. You know, Texas rain. 😩Ugh.

The first weekend looked iffy but we ended up getting the sessions done. We even had sun, although it was a bit chilly. The second week we weren’t so lucky. A full weekend of sessions needed to be rescheduled. These sessions ended up getting moved all over the calendar, sometimes two times…it was kind of a nightmare. But I’m happy to say we got them all done! Even the ones that got pushed back so far that the bluebonnets were struggling to hang in there and needed a little Photoshop help. 😬We even got lucky with some bonus Indian Blanket patches.

Soooo, although I had a great time during the actual sessions and I love how all of the images turned out, I can certainly say I am happy this season is D.O.N.E.! 🤗

2019 JDP Bluebonnet Session Locations

J.J. Pickle Research Campus - 3925 Braker Lane., Austin, T 78758

Brushy Creek Park - 3300 Brushy Creek Rd., Cedar Park, TX  78613

Barton Springs - 2201 Barton Springs Rd., Austin, TX 78704

St. Edwards University - 3001 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

McKinney Falls State Park - 5808 McKinney Falls Pkwy, Austin, TX 78744

Random patch - corner of Palm Valley Blvd & A.W. Grimes in Round Rock

Top 6 Newborn Photography Beanbag Poses with Safety Tips

newborn with bear huck finn pose

When photographing newborns my goal is to get a nice variety of poses and angles with the least amount of disruption for the baby. These disruptions are what I call ‘transitions’ - changing baby’s clothes, moving from one prop or position to another, being passed from one person to another, etc. Over the years I’ve worked on my ‘flow’ for the session to limit these transitions and get a nice variety for your gallery.

**Now is a great time to add my endorsement for using a pacifier/binky/soother/nooky/whatever-you-call-it during these poses. Using the pacifier for the few seconds or minute between poses really helps some babies handle transitioning better than without one. They aren’t using it long enough to acquire a dependency on it or to cause any type of nipple confusion. However, I’m totally down if the parents don’t want to use one.**

In addition to many prop poses, wrapped poses, and parent/sibling poses, part of the photography session includes poses on a big beanbag. Here are some examples of the standard poses with some safety tips and in the order I do them to limit the transitions.

Bum Up/Tushy Up

I almost always start with Bum Up pose. The babies usually love this position so they settle quickly and fall into the deep sleep we need them to be in. They don’t experience the Moro (startle) reflex when in this position so that also helps them to stay asleep. I have the baby in this position for multiple shots including different angles and some closeups.

When in this position I want the baby’s hand under their cheek and their fingers to be flat and relaxed. I tuck the back foot up under their bum so we can see the cute little toes. And I want them squished up with their elbow touching their knee so we get all of those adorable little back rolls. The proper positioning is achieved using posing pillows placed under the blankets. Be aware that the baby’s hands and feet aren’t turning purple due to improper placement and lack of circulation.

bum tushy up newborn beanbag pose

Side Lying

Next I do just a slight little turn so that the baby is lying on his/her side. The back hand gets swooped up so it’s flat with the other hand and under the cheek, knees together and feet either together or crossed at the ankles. With this pose I get a forward shot, a top down shot, and a close-up of the face. Again, watch for circulation to the hands.

side lying newborn beanbag pose

Taco/Womb Pose

I don’t like the word ‘womb’ and I love tacos so this will always be the Taco pose for me. However, the Taco pose doesn’t love me that much. It is my nemesis. I’ve attended workshops with some of the top newborn photographers and studied every tutorial I could get my hands on but still struggle getting this pose perfect. I’ve been told I’m a little too critical of myself but it is what it is. I’ve also only seen a handful of Taco poses, (even from the big named photographers) that I thought looked cute. It’s a tricky pose. Granted, it’s the position most babies have been in for the last 9 months, but sometimes it just looks too weird to me. But I keep trying. So if you don’t get a Taco pose in your gallery, now you know why.

To get into this pose I swoop the baby’s legs up under them, crossing the feet at the ankles so all 10 little toes poke out. Their head will be positioned on the posing pillow so that their weight is evenly distributed and they aren’t putting any pressure on their chest or belly.

taco womb newborn beanbag pose

Huck Finn

Why is this called Huck Finn you ask? I don’t know. I imagine Huck Finn lying on his back in the sun after painting the fence with a piece of straw in his mouth, but I Googled Huck Finn images and can’t find anything like that. So I have no idea where the name came from. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So from Taco pose, I roll the baby onto his back, keeping his legs tucked in but bending at the knees comfortably. I like to place the front hand (to the camera) down by his side and the back hand holding his foot or placed on his chest so that it’s visible to the camera. This is also a cute pose for holding a little stuffed animal. Babies will easily startle in this position so I need to keep my hands firmly on him, holding his arms and legs in position until I feel him relax. Then s-l-o-w-l-y raise my hands just a bit to ensure he doesn’t startle. Then keep my fingers crossed he doesn’t startle while I move to get the shot (it happens OFTEN). For this pose I put a posing pillow under the baby’s tush which utilizes gravity to help keep his legs curled up. Then a slight angle to the camera makes it look like he’s lying flat. I like this shot from the side and from top down.

huck finn newborn beanbag pose

Head/Chin on Hands

Next I place the baby’s hands under her chin as I roll her back onto her belly for one of my favorite poses, Chin on Hands. Baby’s hands should be relaxed and comfortably placed under the baby’s chin (not neck) with a posing pillow used to prop her up. An assistant should be used to hold the baby’s head steady (they can raise their hand briefly while I take the shot or I can Photoshop their hand out of the picture).

chin on hands safety newborn pose
chin on hands newborn beanbag pose


And last, but certainly not least, we transition to the Froggy pose. This is a very popular pose but one of the most challenging. At this point in the workflow I can tell if a baby is going to tolerate attempting this pose or not. He needs to be deep asleep. So I always ask my parents if they want this position because there’s no use in even trying if the parents don’t really want it. An assistant or a parent needs to help with this pose. I will place the babies hands on his cheeks and hold his elbows together with one hand while I reposition his legs and feet. Then my assistant/parent will hold the baby’s head with one hand and their wrists with the other hand. They take one hand away and I take a shot. Then they put that hand back and take the other away and I take another shot. Then I photoshop the 2 together for the Froggy position. NEVER try to balance the baby without someone’s hands on them!! For one, their head is too heavy for them to be supporting on their own and two, we don’t want them to topple over, even if it is a soft beanbag, possibly causing injury to their neck or spine.

froggy newborn pose showing safety
froggy newborn beanbag pose

And because I don’t think I have enough photos in this blog post (#sarcasm) I’m going to show some random, baby-led poses that I’ve captured over the years. One is a semi-popular pose some call ‘Timber’ because it looks like the baby fell over from the Froggy pose. I like to call it the ‘Home Alone’. See if you can guess which one I’m talking about. Another that I’ve done on occasion I like to call ‘The Dude’ pose. The others are just cute poses the baby ended up in that I thought were worth capturing.

random unnamed newborn beanbag poses

These poses are staples in the newborn portrait session and take a lot of practice to perfect. I may not always get them perfect but I always get them done safely and comfortably, and luckily the babies are always super cute so I can’t really go wrong. 😜 If the baby isn’t comfortable or doesn’t want to move into a certain position, we skip it and try something new.

So what’s your favorite pose? Let me know in the comments below!

Sarah the Warrior Princess || Austin, TX Child Photography

Meet April’s JDP Warrior Princess - Sassy Sarah!

annie warrior heart princess

This little cutie came in with her parents for a family session and she pretty much ran the show. She started off shy for about…oh I don’t know…maybe 5 minutes. Then she was IN CHARGE.

family studio portraits

Once she got comfortable she kept moving all of the little props in the studio. I would set up a little stool and then she would move it and go get something else. Then she’d give me about 10 seconds to get a picture before she decided it was time to change it again. 😂

cook children's hospital heart patient
❤️Those pigtails and that smile! ❤️

❤️Those pigtails and that smile! ❤️

Sarah’s Story

At 24 hours old, Sarah failed her oxygen test. After an x-ray her doctors decided she needed to be transported from Killeen to Ft Worth. Sarah and her family spent 6 weeks at Cook Children’s Hospital awaiting surgery, healthy enough to wait but not healthy enough to come home to the ranch. At 8 weeks she had her first open heart surgery to put in a shunt. The shunt gave more blood flow to her pulmonary artery in hopes of growing her artery. She spent 3 weeks in cardiac ICU and then came home. After 6 months, the doctors determined she was ready to have the shunt out and put in a bovine implant from her heart to her pulmonary artery.

While she is doing ok now, her arteries keep narrowing making her right side of her heart work harder than it should. She will need more intervention. She also doesn't have a pulmonary valve so she has at least one more open heart surgery in her future, hopefully as a teenager.

Advice from Sarah’s parents

Ask questions and ask a lot questions to her entire care team. We didn’t ask enough in the beginning and I wish we had. And join support groups. It really helps to know you're not alone.

Shout out from Sarah’s parents

Dr. Tam, her cardiac surgeon. He does amazing work with very very little hearts. He has the praise of his entire hospital, from nurses to security guards.

Dr. Leavy, NICU at Cook Children’s Hospital. He definitely did a great job keeping us up to date and integrated in her care while in NICU.

The CICU doctors at Cook Children's Hospital. They were amazingly attentive and knew my daughter in and out. They took her into consideration with every decision and you can tell they really care.

Children’s Heart Foundation™️ - Texas

DONATE to Children’s Heart Foundation™️

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in the studio too. The chair was by far her favorite prop. 💚

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in the studio too. The chair was by far her favorite prop. 💚

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” - Pablo Picasso

If you know a family that has a child under one year old with a life-altering illness, birth defect, or injury, lives within 30 miles of downtown Austin, TX, and would treasure professional portraits of their precious baby and family, please nominate them by filling out this form.

Baby Tatum || Austin, TX Newborn Photography

smiling newborn girl in purple

What’s better than having a beautiful baby girl in the studio for her newborn session?

When that beautiful baby girl is the little sister of a handsome baby boy you photographed 2 years ago!

I love when my clients come back to see me as their family grows. I feel very connected to my families and getting the opportunity to see them again is very rewarding. I especially love seeing the personality of the older siblings as they grow up and take on their new role as big brother or sister. Baby Tatum’s big brother, Porter, was pictured on my first set of business cards. 😊

My first business card when I decided to specialize in newborn photography.

My first business card when I decided to specialize in newborn photography.

Getting siblings to participate in the photoshoot is always interesting. Sometimes they are extremely cooperative, sometimes they are not at ALL cooperative, and sometimes it just takes a little sweet talk and bribing. Porter wasn’t overly thrilled with the idea, but he did an awesome job!

Sibling photos with toddlers is challenging but so worth it!

Sibling photos with toddlers is challenging but so worth it!

This session couldn’t have gone any better. Baby Tatum gave me a ton of smiles, slept straight through her session, and we got some super adorable prop set-ups. Check out the highlights from our session!

newborn girl in purple swaddle with bonnet
counting sheep newborn on bed
newborn girl beanbag poses
newborn girl family poses
I love making a collage of all of the special little baby parts!

I love making a collage of all of the special little baby parts!

Baby’s first spa day! 💗

Baby’s first spa day! 💗

Thank you Louise family for trusting me with these precious memories! I hope we get to create many more together! 💜