Valentina - The Fierce and Fiesty Princess || Austin, TX Child Photography

A couple of months ago another photographer had a session with young girls dressed up like princesses but with their sports uniforms as well. It was amazing and rightfully went viral. When Valentina’s mom contacted me interested in doing a similar session I couldn’t say yes fast enough. I finally got my chance to showcase a fierce little princess….Miss Valentina.

4 year old princess

Mom brought her with this beautiful princess dress and crown and Valentina could not stop smiling from ear to ear.

pink princess photo shoot

After getting some of the giggles out it was time to get FIERCE and bring out the soccer gear. Do you know what’s harder than trying to get a cranky baby to smile? Trying to get a happy 4 year old to NOT smile. 😆

princess athlete pink soccer girl

After the princess/athlete shoot it was time to bring out the ✨GLITTER!✨I am not ashamed to admit that I love glitter and this part of the session was my idea. I’ve done glitter sessions before but not on this scale.

glitter photoshoot

I knew that I was supposed to buy the chunky glitter so it wouldn’t be as much of a mess to clean up, but then the pics wouldn’t have been as epic. So I went with fine and chunky. Oh my. 😬We did our best to keep it on the backdrop paper but that stuff is magical and goes everywhere!

gold glitter shower
gold glitter photo shoot pink princess

Yes, it’s been a month and there is still glitter throughout the studio. Like tiny little pieces of pixiedust sparkling everywhere. The vacuum doesn’t seem to pick it up…it just transfers it from one spot to another. (NOT appropriate for a cute kid post but you know what that say about glitter being the herpes of the craft world? It’s no joke!!! 😂) But that’s not stopping me from planning glitter mini sessions for the fall. 😬

glitter toes

Thank you, Valentina, for being the perfect little fierce princess! ⚽️👸🏻I hope mom has gotten all of the glitter out of your hair by now. ✨ 😆✨

If you are interested in signing up for a glitter session make sure you are on my VIP list so you’ll get first dibs!