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Bon Appetit! Anaya’s One Year Spaghetti Smash

bon appetit spaghetti smash one year old

I’m pretty sure Anaya’s parents and I chose this theme back in January during her Tummy Time milestone session. I’ve waited a long 8 months for this fun cakesmash alternative. I can’t think of anything that would be messier than spaghetti for a photoshoot so I was super excited for this one.

I didn’t want the set to be too distracting so I just used a few Italian-inspired props and some colorful spaghetti ingredients. I found the cute little apron and chef’s hat on Etsy.

It’s impossible to predict how a one year old is going to act at her cake/spaghetti smash session. Some babies have stranger danger at this age; some have an aversion to new textures; some are leery of new environments; and the list goes on. We could have very well gone to the trouble to set this all up and Anaya could have nope’d right out of it. So I tried not to get my hopes up, but it was hard not to with this one. Luckily all of the stars aligned and Anaya came in happy and hungry and ready to party.

spaghetti smash austin texas

She started off being super dainty…only eating one string of spaghetti at a time, and trying her best not to get too messy. Once she discovered the meatballs and we put the bowl on the floor, she really started to dig in.

meatball spaghetti smash
austin texas spaghetti cake smash alternative

These next photos really crack me up. She was having so much fun! We all were really. 😁

spaghetti messy smash one year old

As soon as she started helicoptering the spaghetti and flinging the sauce around we figured she had made a big enough mess. Now it was time to get cleaned up.

austin texas baby photography spaghetti

My favorite tub photos are always the big splashes of water. 🛁💦Anaya only gave me 2 or 3 but they were big ones so I got what I wanted. We also got some more fierce expressions. Bravo!

austin texas baby cleanup

So now I have tacos, BBQ, and spaghetti smashes under my belt. What’s next? Hit me up if you have another messy food idea for a shoot.

If that wasn’t enough photos for you, here’s a fast-forward, behind-the-scenes video of the session. If you are reading this on your email you may need to click over to the site to see the video.

Fast forward behind-the-scenes of a one year old spaghetti smash photoshoot. (warning - lots of flashing in this video)

Happy Birthday, Anaya! Thank you for this awesome session! 😘