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🎵Well we’re moving on up! 🎵 I took the leap and had a professional videographer capture the behind-the-scenes of one of my newborn sessions. I love how it turned out! It has already debuted on my Facebook page and now I just need to figure out where it will live on my website. I want it on the main page but I don’t have the energy to mess with the design right now. So for now it’ll just get it’s own blog post. 😊

Scroll down to view the full video. No wait! Read the post along the way!! 😬

newborn girl blue flowers

Preparing for a video is not an easy task. First, I had to get over my aversion to being on the other side of the camera. Definitely NOT my jam. 😆Next, I had to find a videographer that would be flexible with my schedule. I wanted a newborn that was within 2 weeks old and we all know they don’t always follow the rules when it’s time to be born. So I had a tentative date set but needed someone that would change the date if we needed to. I contacted several local videographers and ended up really clicking with Travis Ward of Another Meadow Productions. He was flexible, super responsive, and very easy to work with. And then most importantly I needed a beautiful family that were willing to be the stars of the show!

newborn family portraits

Maribel and Sam were previous clients of mine. I photographed big sister, Camila, when she was a newborn. When Maribel contacted me to set up a session for their new baby I knew I wanted to have them for my video. One look at them and you’ll know why. They are both HOT and make beautiful babies. 😍 And I’m so lucky they said yes!

So the day of the shoot arrived and everyone was ready to go. Everyone except baby Alina. She wanted nothing to do with it. 😂Travis got a lot of detail shots of the studio and of me setting up for different poses and big sister Camila was super happy and cooperative (not very common for a 19 month old!), but little sister just wouldn’t settle into the deep sleep we needed her in. We were able to get a few good shots, but not enough for the video. I wish I had taken photos of everything else that was going on … toys all over the place, a big Chik Fil A picnic in the middle of the room, mom nursing Alina, Dad playing with Camila, and all the while Travis is looking like 😳”is this how it always is?” 😆Well, it can get a little crazy behind-the-scenes, but this was a little extra crazy. After 4 hours we gave in and decided to call it a day and agreed to try again the following week.

newborn and big sister

The next week everyone came back with a solid plan to get what we needed. Alina was a bit more cooperative and finally fell asleep and gave me the shots I was hoping for. It took another 3 hours, but we did it. Whew!

Side note - Do you ever find continuity mistakes in movies? I always get a kick out of it when I do. It’s pretty hard to get everything exactly the same as it was a week ago (outfits, prop setup etc), but I’m pretty sure we did it!

newborn girl austin texas photography

Next it was time for Travis to work his magic and put the video together. Originally I thought I wanted 30-45 seconds but it ended up being almost two minutes. Even with little 1-2 second clips, it’s hard to squeeze in a full session into under 1 minute. I hope I didn’t drive him too nuts with all of my edits. If I did, he didn’t show it. 😬

In the end I am super excited about the video! I hope you enjoy watching it. If you are thinking about booking a session with me, this will give you a glimpse into the studio and a good feel for how your session will go.

Thank you again to the Qassom family for being so patient and accommodating and awesome! And thank you, Travis, with Another Meadow Productions, for your amazing work!

Check it out!!

Behind the scenes video of a newborn session with Jessica Doffing Photography, LLC in Austin, TX.