Let Them Eat Cake! (Most unimaginative post title ever)

triplet cake smash

I haven't updated my blog in quite a while. Lotta new things going on in the Doffing house. The biggest is me going back to teaching. I'm super happy at my new school but I am so busy I may just lose my mind. Getting to play with babies on the side is a great stress-reliever though. Some day (maybe in a few years) I'll be able to commit to photography full-time, with a studio and everything. But for now I'll continue to be a traveling one-woman show :D

The latest craze in the baby-photography world is a Cake Smash for the baby's 1st birthday. I really love this age. One year olds are happy babies, without the stranger-danger issue yet which makes them super easy to photograph. And every single one of them is so dang cute I can't stand it!

cake smash

Decorating the background is fun and gives me an extra outlet for my crafting gene. I've stepped up my game and bought a Cricut machine so I can really customize the backgrounds now. One more toy...I mean tool...it's a tool. I need it for my business.

one year old

We can do a Cake Smash at your home, my home, or at a location of your choice. I supply the background (created with your input and ideas) and you supply the cake and the adorable baby. I recommend giving him a cupcake or at least some icing the day before so he knows how yummy it is and is more apt to dive right in. One trick I've learned for those who are more hesitant to get right in there is to stick a few cheerios in the icing... so sneaky :)


The messier we get, the better. Moms and dads are needed to keep the baby from crawling or walking away, so plan on getting a little messy yourself. I've found icing in some pretty strange places after a shoot!


Don't you wish you could have this much fun eating cake?