Baby Porter


Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to baby Porter! I had the pleasure of photographing this little guy in my studio at just 6 days old. 

Austin Newborn and Sibling Photography

I usually like to start my photography sessions off with sibling shots when I have babies who come in with their big brothers and sisters. So, I wanted to get some pictures of Porter with his big brother Cash. Three-year-old Cash was nervous and hesitant at first, but I knew I just needed to connect with him. So, I made a big deal over his troll and asked if it would be alright if I got pictures of the troll too. That really helped me break the ice!


Eventually, we were able to move Mr. Troll off to the side so we could get some great sibling shots of Porter and Cash together. I could tell Cash was very proud to be a big brother. He did a great job of holding his little brother and showing off some of that brand new brotherly love. 

As for Porter, he slept like a dream! He went through his poses like a pro. It’s such a treat when a baby sleeps right though his or her newborn session!

I’m a big fan of portraits that utilize digital backdrops. This time around, I used a digital backdrop from Luisa Dunn Photography Shop. This is a great way to add more variety to a gallery, since I can take a picture with a plain black or brown backdrop and Photoshop it into the digital backdrop. This is also a great option for parents who want a little something special that I might not have on hand. I want your photos to look exactly the way you hoped they would, and using digital backdrops helps me to do that.

Thanks to Mom and Dad for bringing these adorable boys to my studio. I’m so glad I got to photograph Porter, Cash, and Mr. Troll!

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