Baby Olivia


Olivia's parents recently moved to Austin and brought Olivia in for a 'sitter session' here in my studio. These sessions are held when the baby can sit well unassisted, usually somewhere around six months to nine months old. These photography sessions are usually a lot of fun because the babies are so happy at this age. We get lots of smiles and funny faces and they are so cute sitting up on their chubby little bottoms.

I love chubby babies!

Olivia’s Sitter Session

Speaking of chubby babies, Olivia had the cutest personality and even cuter rolls. Mom wanted to make sure that we showed those rolls off, and I was more than happy to oblige. 

Olivia was super happy through the whole session and had the sweetest personality. Did I mention her dimples? This girl had just the cutest dimples. When she smiled, it lit up her whole face. 

And can we all just agree that there is nothing more adorable than baby toes? I love how at this age babies just grab right on to their pudgy little feet and are simply delighted. Olivia snuggled right up in my pink flokati and looked adorable wearing nothing but her little pink bow. She grabbed right onto her toes and of course, they went right into her mouth! 

Six months old is such a fun age. You can just see how babies start to learn and understand more and more as every day passes. Olivia is already so expressive, from her delighted giggles to her more inquisitive looks. She was such a fun baby to photograph.

We finished up this fun session getting mom and dad in for some family portraits. I love seeing all of them smile together.  I am so thankful that they brought this little cutie to my Austin studio! It was such a fun day.

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