A Peek Into the World of Styled Photoshoots (Part II)

Where to begin!? I spent hours editing my images from the Sweetlight Collective workshop and want to share them all, right here, right now. I love so many of them I can't choose which ones should go first! So, let's go in chronological order...there...that makes my brain calm down a bit...ok...let's go...

After a few hours of learning and eating and mingling, all 20 or so of us grabbed our cameras, got into groups of 3-4 and went to our first location. I was inside a small barn with a couple of vintage chairs, a flower backdrop, and an outdoor area with a ladder. Sounds kinda meh, doesn't it? Well, add in beautiful little models in amazing gowns and headpieces, with their hair and makeup done to the hilt, and you get images like this:




Next we had a little abandoned greenhouse, another vintage chair, and a little garden. I spent most of my time with our youngest model who only wanted to search for snails in the garden :) It was fun chasing her around and catching more candid shots. I was also able to catch a few great Mommy & Me shots.


Next up we had a piano in a field. WHAT? The left side of my brain gets stuck on "why the heck is there a piano in a field?" but the right side is all "shut up, it looks cool!" The two sides argue with each other a lot.


One more group for today...a rusty old pick up truck, a giant dreamcatcher hanging from a tree, and a carriage and carousel horse setup up. The models were pretty hot and tired by this point (as were the photographers), but we sucked up. The show must go on!


My fellow photographers and I could not get over our excitement at the end of the day. We were exhausted and sweaty, but super stoked. And guess what...we were going to get to do it all over again the next day! All new sets, locations, and models. I will let you digest these images for now and post Day 2 in a few days. I'm excited to share the rest of the images with you! 

As a client, is this something you would be interested in... having your child photographed in a highly stylized theme? I'm planning on doing maybe one or two a year, just for fun. I'd really like to do a session at a carnival. I think that would be adorable. I'm also considering a princess glitter session (I could rent some amazing gowns). And for the boys...maybe a mud puddle session :D Let me know in the comments if you have any fun ideas. I'd love to hear them!